for 2Ct, 2T, 2B with baritone solo



Rest by John Milne is a melodic gem that serves to highlight a wonderful baritone soloist. It should be noted that this work requires two countertenor voices and that the bass voices are necessary to anchor the tuning. Though this was premiered with nine voices, I believe it would work well with a larger choir.

Throughout, the choir should act as an accompanying instrument to the soloist.When invited to join in singing the text, the ensemble should appear as if naturally part of the solo line itself.The voicing of some of the chords presents a tuning challenge, but one that can be overcome with careful attention to detail.



Born in the US to British immigrant parents, John grew up in Silicon Valley and has lived in Chicago for the past 25 years. After a long career writing, arranging and singing pop (The Toons, two-time Gold Cabaret Award winners and early MTV act), alt-country (Long Gone Lonesome Boys) and a cappella (with three-time Harmony Sweepstakes winners Chicago Voice Exchange), he has turned to composing more serious choral music in recent years, becoming published and winning numerous national and international composition contests.

Rest - John Milne