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for vocal ensemble of flexible size and voicing



I was not involved in the premiere of Ryan Townsend Strand’s PAX:NOX directly as either conductor or singer, but I do remember it's premiere as an audience member. It is very effective and evocative – creating an aural space and a contemplative mood. It surrounds the audience in a gentle, lush harmonic cloud.


In addition, this piece is very approachable for the choir. The score invites a certain amount of improvisation in the performance through its aleatoric notation.This allows the choir to learn the piece quickly and change the overall pace to serve the acoustic of the performance venue.



Ryan Townsend Strand has found his role in music as a storyteller, bringing people into community through performances. Strand was named winner of the 2014 Twitter Commission for his choral work, #Red, premiered by the Seattle vocal ensemble whateverandeveramen. As a professional tenor, Strand is at home in both Baroque and new music, performing with all of the major choruses in Chicagoland.




Scores are sold as a digital download with rights for 10 copies. Each composer retains copyright of their work. Rights to perform, record, and re-print this electronic score are granted exclusively to the purchasing organization for only the number of scores purchased through the NOVA Editions website. If additional copies beyond those purchased are required, you must purchase additional licenses (in packs of 10) through this website. 


A reminder: Do not illegally perform or reproduce this music; the proceeds of these purchases directly support the composers in their work and livelihood. 

PAX:NOX - Ryan Townsend Strand