for TTTBB ensemble



I had a white room was Nicholas Cline’s first piece written for CME.This is a delicate composition that requires great attention to the text. In preparing this for its premiere I found the text to be an important source of inspiration for choices about tempo variation and fluctuation. The subtle pitch variations allow memory to refract and then suddenly pull back together.

Exposed moments for individual voice parts appear throughout; shifting in and out of isolation.The final measure, however, is best sung as a solo, allowing the singer to draw the tempo out freely.This moment should have a child-like innocence to it that reflects not only the age of the boy interviewed, but the simultaneous feelings of loss and safety that he expresses.



I make music for voices, acoustic instruments, and by electroacoustic means. Deeply influenced by the natural world, my music draws on a broad range of subjects and experiences with the belief that music reveals, challenges, and shapes the listener’s understanding of the world. Upcoming projects include collaborating with The Crossing in a performance and recording of my work, Watersheds, for 24 voices, tenor saxophone, and live electronics.

My music has been performed by Spektral Quartet, International Contemporary Ensemble, Ensemble VONK, Bienen Contemporary/Early Vocal Ensemble, Northwestern Contemporary Music Ensemble, Jeff Siegfried, Jena Gardner, Square Peg Round Hole, Stare at the Sun, Constellation Men's Ensemble, and F- Plus. I have presented my music at festivals and conferences in the US and in Europe and my work is featured on the SEAMUS electroacoustic miniatures recording series: Re-Caged. I have been an artist- in-residence with High Concept Labs and the Chicago Park District. My principle teachers include Hans Thomalla, Chris Mercer, Jay Alan Yim, Aaron Travers, Don Freund, John Gibson, Jeffrey Hass, and Ilya Levinson. I studied at Northwestern University, Indiana University, and Columbia College Chicago. I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with my wife Mallory and teach composition and music theory at Appalachian State University.

i had a white room - Nicholas Cline