for 8-part tenor/bass ensemble



Head Noise by Stephen Deeter plays with vocal timbre and tempo in energetic and captivating ways. It was an ensemble and audience favorite.


During our preparation, it became clear that the slides and breath noises were all part of the same musical gesture, as each pitch came into focus and then dissipated into unpitched hissing. Eventually the pitched and unpitched sounds find equal footing creating a unique texture as the tempo and energy of the piece simultaneously escalate. One of the true challenges of the piece is when to transition from feeling the beat as quarter note driven to half note driven.


The energy builds consistently to bar 229 and then almost immediately begins to retreat. However, the choir must be careful to maintain focus through to the end.



Stephen Deeter is a composer and singer based in Appleton, WI. He graduated Lawrence University in 2020 with degrees in Music Theory, Composition, and Physics, where he studied composition under world famous composers Asha Srinivasan, Joanne Metcalfe, and Evan Williams, as well as voice under Roomful of Teeth founding member Estelí Gomez. His musical interests include choral and vocal music, as well as the fusion of traditional and modern styles to create new sounds in the world of contemporary music.

Head Noise - Stephen Deeter