for TTBB ensemble



Eric Malmquist’s Famídoté is a fun and joyful piece that plays with our perception of Western tonality. Is it in fact in C major with a lowered leading tone (or the mixolydian mode)? Or is it in F Major, and instead of being helpful solfege syllables, the text is actually meaningless? Either way, the piece is a joy to sing, but difficult to get the tuning right. We found that really focusing on establishing the tonality was essential to the success of the piece.

The other fundamental element of this piece is the eighth note subdivision that, when successfully locked in across the ensemble, will allow the interlocking dialogue between each voice to shine.



Eric Malmquist (b. 1985) writes earnestly heartfelt and engaging music. He draws on a deep love of early music and modern influences to produce works that are focused and emotional.


He has been commissioned by the Chicago Composers Orchestra, the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, tubist Scott Tegge, historical keyboardist Charles Metz, flutist Leighann Daihl Ragusa, the International Chamber Artists, the Newberry Consort and the Wicker Park Choral Singers.


His tuba sonata has been performed by Gene Pokorny of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Scott Tegge of Gaudete Brass. His commissioned work Prairie Music for CYSO was featured on Chicago’s Ear Taxi Festival in October 2016 and at Midwest Clinic in December 2016. CCO and WPCS co-commissioned his Blemish’d Muse, a twenty-minute work for choir and orchestra, in 2016. His song cycle If You Travel Far Enough was the very first commission of the ICA, and was featured on Live from WFMT in 2015. Michael Hall premiered his Sonata for Viola and Piano in 2014, and Gaudete Brass premiered his Three Preludes in 2013.

Famídoté - Eric Malmquist