for 8-part tenor/bass ensemble



As with much of Sean Hussey’s music, Embracing Vulnerability has an essentially physical quality to it. The spoken sounds, “bright, buzzy” hums, and interlocking rhythmic figures create an ever changing texture that is simultaneously transparent and dense.


Each of the four sections of this piece require attention to clarity and precision, almost a detachment from the text so as to deliver it clearly. I found the most challenging thing about this piece was to step back and let the music speak for itself.



Sean Ellis Hussey (b.1991) sees music as an opportunity to engage vulnerability, inspire introspection, and generate collective action toward solving social issues. In this sense, Sean pursues collaborative artistic projects that directly engage the community. This includes orchestral miniatures that chronicle perceptions of marginalized identity, a ethnographic multi- media vocal oratorio revealing latent aspects of the United States foster care system in collaboration with Constellation Men’s Ensemble, a collaboratively devised opera that demonstrates the misrepresentation of women and minorities within the opera canon, and an ongoing collaborative music project meant to bridge disparate perspectives regarding refugees living in Sweden.


Sean’s music and activism have been recognized through numerous awards including selected student composer at the Chicago Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, the Grammy-Award winning Cleveland Chamber Symphony’s Emerging Composer Award, the 2017 OperaFEST featured composer, an artistic research residency at Lund University InterArts Center in Malmö, Sweden, and the 2018 Matthew Freeman Social Justice Award through the Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation.




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Embracing Vulnerability - Sean Ellis Hussey

    Rest (John Milne)
    Famídoté (Eric Malmquist)
    Head Noise (Stephen Deeter)
    the air is full (Nick Cline)
    I had a white room (Nick Cline)
    Twilight Hours (Gregory Brown)
    PAX:NOX (Ryan Townsend Strand)
    Election Syndrome (Samara Rice)
    Embracing Vulnerability (Sean Ellis Hussey)